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Pathway Programs


  • Serves as a crucial preparatory course for pursuing a Bachelor's degree
  • Acts as the initial step towards achieving an undergraduate qualification
  • Typically spans across 2-3 semesters
  • Engages students with various modules, including English language development and academic subjects directly related to their intended field of study
  • Academic subjects covered in the foundation program contribute towards degree progression


  • Specifically designed for international students who don't meet the direct entry requirements for a Master's degree
  • Programs focus on academic research skills and English language proficiency development
  • Completion of a pre-master's program is a stepping stone towards obtaining a Master's degree
  • A pass grade with specific grades in each subject is required to progress into the Master's program

International Year One

  • A specialized program offered by numerous universities
  • Designed to provide an equivalent experience to the first year of an undergraduate degree
  • Upon successful completion, students become eligible to enter the second year of their chosen degree
  • Program not only equips students with vital skills, but also prepares them for the challenges of college life and future career endeavors


  • Pre-sessional English is an intensive English language course.
  • It is designed to prepare non-native English speakers for academic studies in English-speaking universities or institutions.
  • The course is especially useful for students who do not meet the language proficiency requirements for direct admission into their chosen academic program.

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