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The British Trophy

The British Trophy is an annual football championship
organised by BESA exclusively for international schools in Egypt.
Established in 2014

this tournament has gained significance over the years and has become a tradition.

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Football teams from various international schools compete against each other
under the supervision of a designated school representative, usually the Physical
Education instructor.

Each team consists of 7-9 players. Over the course of four days,

multiple matches are played to secure advancement to subsequent rounds. The
ultimate prize for the winning team is a week-long trip to the United Kingdom.

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The primary objective of the British Trophy is to provide a gateway for Egyptian students to experience international educational opportunities and to promote the integration of physical education into the Egyptian school system.

It offers a unique opportunity for senior students aged 15 to 18 to explore British universities and their campuses as part of the UK tour.

Important Notes for the British Trophy


Registration is donethrough schools

Schools are required to send interested students details

A registration fee is required for each student

Students transportation is rovided by the schools

Players have to wear their school uniform throughout the competition

The tournament is run over 4 days

Each school team consists of 7-9 players

The winning team will visit universities and campuses in the UK

To know more about the British Trophy
guidelines and registration
contact our office for more details.

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