About us

As choosing to study abroad is a very important and life changing decision, and obtaining a degree from an international schools or universities will offer you excellent career opportunities and job prospects, therefore, we established the British Educational Services Agency - BESA, an international organization located in Egypt dedicated to providing access to British and International educational institutions and experiences for students from Egypt and the Arab region.

BESA understands Egyptian and Arab students’ motivations, goals, characteristics, needs and wants and aspirations. We are knowledgeable about UK and international educational systems, recruiting process and financial scholarships based on almost 10 years of experience working with the British Council in Egypt and in the Middle East and North Africa region.

With BESA, we guarantee you will obtain impartial and free advice and placement services in a range of recommended international educational institutions and making sure to provide you with a complete package that includes all you need for a successful and enjoyable period of study abroad.

The BESA team has started since 2012 in placing Egyptian students in international schools, colleges and universities. We specialize in finding the right school and course for students of all ages from 7 years old through to postgraduate level. BESA works with a selected number of international training and educational organizations that offer quality language courses and activity programs for Juniors and Adults who wish to study abroad.