Summer Schools in the UK

The UK offers a variety of summer schools for international students that allow them to experience new learnings and activities during the summer time, which actually helps promote the importance on making use of leisure time to get hands on new learnings.

Summer schools in the UK vary from the following options:

Summer Boarding Courses: BESA offers you a number of summer boarding courses for you aimed at various students age and at various locations in the UK. Some of these locations are located in beautiful London, Oxford and other prominent locations in the UK. In Oxford alone, we offer options of more than 4 boarding school options that vary according to each student’s age group. BESA offers several options of summer boarding courses for you, from those aimed at children aged 8-12 years old, to 11-15, 13-16 and 15-17 years old. Summer boarding courses offer studying for different subjects and disciplines; such as: English lessons, Business Administration, ICT iOS Programming, International Relations, Adventure Sports, Horse riding, Water Sports, Football and Tennis.

Fees for Summer Boarding Courses usually include the following: On campus accommodation, all meals included, 15 hours English tuition each week, Progress Report and End-of-Course Certificate, 2 full day trips each week with all transport and entrances included, afternoon program plus full evening activity program, comprehensive travel insurance, laundry service included, free UK SIM card, and a T-shirt with the logo of your summer boarding school.


Sports Summer Camps: are really famous in the UK and where this is the most common type of summer schools that international students travel to enroll to in the summer. Sports summer camps involve engaging in a sports activity during the summer time. The most famous type is football camps, where young students get to travel and gets trained by a famous football team in the UK, ex. Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal. This helps students engage in healthy sports activity and promote the importance of well-being. Students who go to sports summer camps tend to be active, organized, and extroverts who like to travel and engage in sports competitions with their peers. The duration of sports summer camps can range from 1-3 moths.