Language Courses in the UK

English is already one of the most spoken languages in the world, if not the first.  Having a good command of English is almost needed in all modern life’s aspects, including: studying, career, travelling and communicating with others. Since the UK is already an English speaking company and by default the best place in the world to learn English at, it makes attractive for students to travel and study for English Language courses in the UK. Studying English in the UK allows you to develop a good command of the language in all of the following 4 aspects: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. So, whether you are looking to develop your language skills to qualify for an academic degree, or looking forward to enhance your conversational skills, or even just for enhancing your cultural experience and fun, then you will definitely find a variety of courses tailored for your needs, qualifications, requirements and budget.

English Courses Offered in the UK are offered through different schemes, where different students from various educational levels travel to obtain their course. Some of these courses are:

Playing Soccer and Learning English- for students aged 8-17 years old: where they get to study 15 hours of General English classes per week, combined with 15 hours of Soccer Coaching and training per week at one of the major soccer clubs in England; such as: Chelsea.

English Language- Discover London- for students aged 16+: This course is offered in partnership with one of our language courses providers, which enables you to study English during the summer time and get to visit London’s main attractions. The course’s length is 1-4 week and starts on the end of June till mid of August every year. The course covers 15 hours of English lessons + Half Board Accommodation +Breakfast and Dinner meals included + Travel cards for Zone 1, 2 in London + 1 full-day excursion per week. There is a minimum required English level to qualify for studying this course.

IELTS Preparation- for students aged 16+ years old: This course equips you with the needed skills and curriculum to study for an IELTS exam. Furthermore, you can book for your IELTS exam after finishing the course, through an affiliated center with the language course provider. The course is offered in various locations in the UK, ex.: London, Oxford and Bournemouth, Brighton. Minimum course length you have to study for the course is 2 weeks for London’s location and 6 weeks for the other locations. The course covers 20 lessons per week of General English lessons (an approximate of 15 hours) + 8 lessons of IELTS preparation lessons (6 hours) each week. Min. English required level for studying this course is level 4- Lower Intermediate.

English Language Intensive Course- for students aged 16+ years old: This course allows you to master a good command of English language in a short time. The duration of the course lasts for one month and is offered at prominent locations in the UK; such as: London, Oxford, Bournemouth, and Brighton. Students will be studying for 28 lessons- an approximate of 21 hours per week.

Diploma of English Language- for students aged 16+ years old: This course is designed for students who wish to take their English Language studies to the next level. The course covers all of the following: tuition of 28 lessons (equivalent to 21 hours) per week, Welcome Information Pack, Placement test on arrival, weekly progress tests and regular homework, Learning materials and grammar book, Use of Computer Learning Centre, Access to online learning, Wifi in College, Optional weekly lecture program, 2 free social activities per week, and End-of-course certificate.

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