Foundation Programs in the UK

Foundation programs are available at all universities in the UK. They are either offered through one of our foundation partners or through the university itself. Each of our foundation providers offer different foundation programs for you in all majors and can be offered at either your chosen university’s premises, or at an external center. This all depends whether your chosen university offers a foundation program or not. If not, you will be referred by our Foundation partner to undertake it at one of the accredited centers in the UK.
Foundation programs in the UK usually last up to 1 year, where students will be studying both English language and academic skills, depending on their qualifications and desired major.
The foundation programs are specifically designed for people who do not qualify for direct entry at their desired university or major.

Average requirements for Foundation Programs in the UK:

For IGCSE System: 5 O Levels with a minimum grade C

For American Diploma System:  Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2

For National System (Thanwiya Ama): Minimum Grade of 70%

Required Documents for most of the Foundation Programs in the UK:

  • Copy of Passport
  •  High School Transcript 
  •  IELTS for UKVI