Postgraduate Degrees in Australia

Australia offers a variety of options of Postgraduate Degrees for international students. Whether you are looking forward to study Masters, MBA or PhD, you will definitely find a lot of high ranking schools and universities to choose from.

Masters Degrees: The course length of a master’s degree in Australia usually varies from 1 to 2 years. This all depends on whether the student has obtained a Bachelor Degree or a Bachelor Degree with Honors. Master’s degrees for students who have completed their Bachelor with Honors would take only one year. While for students with a regular Bachelor Degree, it would take them a total of two years to complete their Master’s in Australia.

Academic requirements for a Master’s program in Australia vary from one university to another, depending on the major of study.

The intake for a Master’s Degree in Australia starts typically in March, but can vary from one course to another as well as one university to the other. Master’s program courses are usually spread over 2 semesters. However same as in Bachelor programs, masters degrees in Australia can be offered over a trimester mode.

Students who wish to study for a Master’s degree would need to have a Bachelor Degree obtained from an accredited university in the same major of study.

PhD Degrees: are the highest obtained degrees in the Australian Education System. The length of a PhD program is usually 3 years, but sometimes it can last longer depending on the nature and subject of research. In most cases, there are no formal semesters and students follow-up with their direct supervisor/professor of research. The start date of a PhD is usually arranged between the supervising professor and the PhD student.

The required documents for undertaking a postgraduate course in Australia are the following:

  • University Transcripts & Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • 2 Recommendation Letters, where 1 is academic and the other is professional
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume/CV
  • Research Proposal for PhD only
  • Academic IELTS