Foundation Programs in Australia

BESA works with a number of foundation providers who help you study for your foundation program at Australia. Similar to the UK, Foundation programs in Australia are either offered at the university where you will be resuming your studies afterwards, or at an external center. Foundation programs are designed for international students who do not meet the requirements for a direct entry to an Australian university. The admission requirements for Australian universities are usually tough and the course modules are rigorous, this is why students are encouraged to undertake foundation programs in their desired major of studies that would help equip them with the needed skills and learnings to study at an Australian university.

The course length of a Foundation program in Australia is usually one-year preparatory courses, but can be adjusted according to the student’s needs and status, thus can be completed in nine month depending on each student’s case.

Foundation programs in Australia start at September and at sometimes run in January as well, hence allowing international students to enroll at different intakes. The foundation program in Australia combines both academic courses, as well as English Language tuition, that are often determined by the student’s status, desired major and the university’s requirements. Different Australian universities have different entry requirements, and thus the modules and requirements for Foundation might vary.

Required Documents for Foundation Programs in Australia:

  • Copy of Passport
  • High School Transcript & Certificate
  • Proof of proficiency in written and spoken English