Boarding Schools in Australia

BESA offers you a various options of boarding schools in Australia that are tailored according to each student’s age group, needs, preferences and budget. BESA also offers boarding schools options for students with special needs or disabilities. All the offered boarding schools are of high supervision, exceptional quality of education and extensive amenities.

BESA offers boarding school options for students aged 14-17 years old in Australia. Students would be staying at the school’s dorms where it is convenient for them to resume their studies on-site. The cost of a boarding school would cover tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, and all meals included.

The requirements of a boarding school vary from one to another. Usually all schools would demand proof of high grades and academic performance in the last 3 years. In addition, some schools might run an online English and academic test for students as well as an interview, as part of the admission requirements. Previous engaging in extracurricular activities, arts and hobbies can also account towards a student’s application to a boarding school. Each student case can be assessed individually to determine how the student would be contributing to the school and other students in the classroom.