Study in Spain

Spain is famous for its vibrant culture, rich tradition, warm weather and friendly population. Spain’s strategic location and proximity to the Middle East is what have made it as a desired study destination for many international students. There are short direct and connecting flights from major cities in Spain; such as Barcelona and Madrid to almost every city in the Middle East. Language barrier also is not an obstacle for Arab students who wish to study in Spain, as the Spanish language share many commonalities with the Arabic language.

Spain is an interesting country with many traditions and history that inspire international students and visitors from all over the world. The fact that the country is mixed between Western and Eastern cultures, due to its close location to Morocco and its geographical location in Europe has made it a meeting point for different cultures and ethnicities. You can choose to live and study in Barcelona or Madrid, which are both more European-style cities, or may be go South and visit Cordoba and Andalusia where the Arabic civilization had its touch in its before. Whether you are looking to attend concerts, parties, art galleries, museums or visit ancient Arab palaces or stroll around old city bazars, or take a walk at one of the country’s famous park, or spend a whole day at the beach relaxing, or head to one of the biggest shopping malls in the country and in Europe, you would definitely never get disappointed nor bored at Spain. As an international student, you will get to enjoy the joys of studying at a country that never sleeps and has a taste for everyone.

Educational System in Spain:

In the past few years, the Spanish government has adopted a new policy of reforming and developing the education system in Spain and making it more compatible with other education systems in Europe. Thus, the Spanish Government over the past years has welcomed many international students to travel and study in Spain for their degrees. There are various undergraduate and postgraduate degree options, as well as Spanish language courses for international students to choose from. The Schools offering business majors have known to-be the best. At BESA, we deal with a variety of universities that offer you Business-related majors designed to equip you with business-needed skills. Spain offers the opportunity to international students to study in English, so language barrier is not really an obstacle when considering studying in Spain. Learning Spanish while studying is also optional yet is highly-advised, in order to get the most experience of studying in Spain.

BESA offers you a wide variety of programs & services in Spain, including: Foundation, Bachelor, Masters, and Language Courses.