Study in Russia

Study in Russia.....A cheap way to get international education, see the world and become an expert. There are more than 880 universities in Russia and the government is investing heavily in making improvements to the system. Prime Minister Valdimir Putin has spoken about an "educational revolution". Further, the country is currently in the process of making its system more compatible with other European countries.

Russia is not only offering value-for-money education, but its education system is one of the booming ones in the past few decades. Russia offers international students a variety of courses at both Sciences and Arts majors. Courses in Russia cover Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree, PhD and professional training and career development courses. Russian language courses are also available for international students who wish to learn, practice and master a newexciting language.

Whether you are looking to study in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tambov and more, BESA can help you with preparing for your studies in Russia.

International students can choose to study for their course in either Russian or English. As for the start date, likewise many European countries, studies in Russia usually start on early September, where students who will be studying in English are allowed to join later in October. The academic year is usually divided over two semesters, whereby the first one starts on early September and the second one starts on early February.


  • Very high quality of education
  • Tuition is extremely inexpensive
  • Top rated universities that are welcoming, professional and modern
  • Global degree recognition
  • Wide variety of courses
  • Learn a new language
  • Russian universities have their vision merged with intellectual innovation
  • Russia is the biggest country in the world in terms of territory
  • Beyond study, there are numerous concerts, dances, comedy nights and events available at Russia 


Russia’s study visa procedures are considered to-be-easier than that of many countries, especially when compared to European countries. Once a student’s application is approved by the university to study for the desired course of study and the payment has been made to account for all the following: tuition fees, accommodation, life and health insurance expenses, as well as the university's registration fees, our university’s representative office would start issuing the official invitation letter for studies that would be made by the Administration for Migration Issues of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. This letter would take normally 35-45 days to be issued, in addition to 2-7 days for the letter to-be-delivered for the student.

Once the student receives the invitation letter for studies, the student should then apply for his student visa at the Embassy/General Consulate of the Russian Federation at his/her country.

Required Documents to obtain a Russian Study Visa:

  • Invitation Letter for Studies
  • Passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Color Photo 3.5*4.5
  • Original of HIV test with negative results

The average processing visa time then would take 7 days. The validity of a single student visa is usually issued 90 days, where students can then renew or extend their visa upon their arrival at Russia. Students must arrive to at the university at least 35 days earlier before the visa expires.

BESA offers you the following courses in Russia: Foundation, Bachelor, Master, PhD, and Vocational.