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Language Courses in the USA

English language courses are highly-sought in the USA, as it is a native English speaking country. BESA offers its students the options of studying for English courses in the US at different modes, intakes, course lengths and budgets.

English language courses are offered in the USA throughout an extensive number of language centers. Student can learn for English language courses in the US during their high-school years (in the summer), before their Bachelor and Master’s degrees studies in the USA. The duration of an English Language course in the USA ranges from short courses as a few weeks to long ones as in 6 months.

The courses mode can be regular or extensive, depending on the desired mode of study and when the student wish to commence further to their next academic degree (whether Bachelor or Master’s).

Language courses in the USA can be offered throughout different times of the year. Students wishing to apply for a language course in the USA should have a minimum required basic knowledge of the language, so they can communicate easily over there and in order to progress further into studies.


Students wishing to study for a language course in the USA are advised to contact our office for intakes and courses’ information inquiries.  

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