Spanish is part of the Indo-European family of languages, which are spoken by more than a third of the world's population. The world is turning multilingual, with Spanish, Arabic and Chinese seemingly becoming the main languages of future. Spain offers sunshine all year around, 7000 KM of coastline, a great nightlife and a delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Develop your Spanish in Spain by dedicated, highly qualified native Spanish speakers in an open, personal and enjoyable atmosphere in Spain.

General Spanish:

Learn Spanish in Spain the best way with our General Spanish course. This allows you to practice all different areas of the Spanish language, such as reading, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary, in a way that ensures a rapid development of your Spanish language skills and communicative ability. Passive learning is not an option in these classes as participation and breaking barriers are core aspects of Spanish lessons. Learning a language cannot be learned by focusing only on grammar rules or drilling vocabulary, but by putting language into context and give sufficient opportunities and engaging activities to further enhance your Spanish language level.


Spanish for Career:

For many, learning Spanish is rapidly becoming a business necessity. Spanish is becoming more and more important with regards to business. Learning Spanish will enable you to better communicate with Spanish speaking employees or co-workers. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to offer your product or service to the 350 million people whose mother tongue is Spanish? In North America, Hispanic consumers are the fastest-growing market segment. As for job opportunities, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have Spanish on your résumé. In the United States, knowing Spanish can be particularly helpful if you work in healthcare or education.


Spanish for tourism:

It is certainly possible to travel to a Spanish speaking country without knowing any Spanish, your trip will in no way compare with the incredible adventure that awaits the traveler who speaks Spanish. If you only speak English, you will be forced to confine yourself to popular tourist resorts where nearly everyone speaks some English. But if you want to explore the area and get to know the local people, you need to know Spanish. Even simple things, such as reading signs and menus, asking directions or telling a cab driver where you want to go requires some knowledge of the language.


There are courses which offer 20 lessons in 5 days for learning Spanish in the best institutes abroad.
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