Italian is the fourth most frequently spoken foreign language in U.S. Learning Italian will offer immediate practical relevance to business and professional life. Italian is a "musical language". A language that is pleasant to hear. Italian is the language having the "best phonetic fit." It is the easiest foreign language to read, write, and pronounce because there is only one sound per letter of the alphabet (and four consonant blends). For young learners, the easier the language, the better. Italian will not compete with the learning of English; it will enhance the learning of English.

General Italian:

A basic knowledge of Italian pre-course will help to ensure rapid progress but is not absolutely essential. You can learn vocabulary or developing oral and written skills

Italian for Career:

Knowledge of Italian is important for people in business, arts, technology and many professions. It also is useful for high school and college students planning careers in art history, music, linguistics, education and international relations.

Intensive programs are the ideal solution for those people who need to develop rapidly their communication skills in Italian. Courses can be organized for learners of all levels.


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